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Viewing Sea Island Georgia Real Estate from Horseback

Viewing Sea Island Georgia Real Estate from HorsebackFew experiences can top racing a horse at supersonic speeds through the frothing surf on a beach.

Not many people are privileged to ride their horses on nature paths, so they can view, well, nature. We bet you’ve never dismounted only to climb into a kayak to view the wonders of surf and turf. Sea Island Georgia real estate includes some of the most stunning views, paths and nature walks in the state.

Allow us to describe the country you’ll be riding through. It won’t be far from your new Sea Island home.

Sea Island Waters

Sea Island is a barrier island off the Georgia coast whose natural beauty has been maintained. When you leave your new oceanfront cottage with seven beds and seven baths in 117 East 18th Street, the Sea Island Resort offers you a choice of horses, or you can board your own mount there. Racing on the beach isn’t encouraged for the continued well-being of both horse and rider.

A brisk canter, however, isn’t out of the picture, while walking your mount gives you a chance to watch the dolphins play. Sea turtles aren’t the only creatures who frequent the Sea Island waters. North Atlantic right whales swim into the warm waters to bear their young. Crabs, shore birds, otters and sandy dunes will keep you enthralled along your ride.

Sea Island Forests

You would never know that, when you step out of your new Sea Island five bed eight bath cottage in 504 Forest Road, the trees you will see on your horseback ride are not millions of years old. Their forebears were, though. Sea Island has changed little, with the exception of sea level, in millions of years.

The towering oak trees dripping Spanish moss, the magnolia and pine forests of the maritime forests are home to all sorts of creatures from eagles to egrets and from ducks, osprey and pelicans to herons and more.

The Sands of Sea Island

Riding on the sands close to your new four bed five bath condo in 150 Dune Avenue wouldn’t take you back in time. You would need to know that the sands of yesteryear have morphed into the dune formations you see today.

Riding past the dunes, you might not know that the first stand of dunes you’ll view are called “primary” dunes, and that they have deeply carved planes. Past them you will see marshy grasses or wetlands. That’s when you’ll notice those forebears we were discussing.

Those dunes are a little older and both form the first line of defense against the vagaries of wind, water and storm to mainland Georgia. The reason they are called white sands is due to their quartz content.

Riding a horse along the beach, through the maritime forests and past gently waving marsh grasses filled with birds, small animals and fishes is a fine way to enjoy your new home on Sea Island Georgia.

When you’d like to hear more about the natural beauty of Sea Island and its many amenities, please contact us. We’ll be happy to show you around.

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