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The Trees with Faces: Nature Art Near Sea Island

The Trees with Faces Nature Art Near Sea Island It’s a quick ride from Sea Island over to St. Simons Island, and some mysterious tree carvings await you on your visit.

Faces carved into tree trunks aren’t just a Game of Thrones trope—but a mysterious attraction you can find waiting for you on a St. Simons Island visit. Get the team ready, because a scavenger hunt to find the most faces carved into the island’s oak trees awaits you!

Who Carved These Tree Faces?

It’s fun to imagine them being there for centuries, but the carvings aren’t quite that old yet. They were created in the 1980s by Keith Jennings, and he made sure that each of the 20 faces were distinct from each other. The carvings took him less than a week to do, and they’re each distinctly mesmerizing to see.

Why Create the Tree Faces?

It seems that artist Keith Jennings had two different drives motivating his tree carving creations. The sorrow of the faces are a reflection of the grief of sailors lost at sea.

What connection do sailors of the past have to the oak trees of St. Simon’s Island? History points to St. Simons being a source for lumber that was used to build frigates for some of the very first vessels of the US Navy, the famous and extremely historically significant “Old Ironsides,” officially named the USS Constitution by George Washington himself.

The sorrowful faces are reminiscent of soldiers lost in skirmishes of the frigates built from this lumber, including the USS Constitution’s skirmishes with French soldiers and pirates before the Revolutionary War. Jennings claimed that the distinctness of the faces are also meant to be reflections of the individuality of the trees themselves.

See These Mysteries Yourself

Your Sea Island, Georgia real estate is a hop, skip and a jump away from St. Simons Island. Make a trip for yourself to see these gorgeous carvings for yourself.

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