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‘Tis the Season to be On St. Simons (Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la)

christmas tree fractal, with star and decorations.

Holidays in the South are things of magic and beauty. Warm breezes caress the faces of carolers as visitors enjoy the music.

The lights, decorations and the spirit of the holidays gently surround visitors as they get into the holiday spirit. If you’ve come to spend the holidays with us, we’ll be glad to tell you where to pick up a Christmas tree, decorations for it, Christmas dinner as well as tours of the island and its holiday wonders. Come celebrate the holidays with us – Southern style!

Where to Get a Christmas Tree on St. Simons Island
One of the wonders of the island is the St. Simons Island Tree Spirits. Faces have been carved into the trees by a local man in the likeness of the Native Americans that once lived there in addition to brave sailors lost at sea. Their ships were once made of St. Simons Island oak trees.

Privately held St. Simons Island real estate host many of the tree spirits, but some can be found on the streets running through town. While you’re admiring the carving, keep an eye out for Douglas and Fraser fir Christmas trees on Cart Drive and Redfern Village.

But How Will We Decorate It?

Well, don’t look now, but at your feet are dozens of varying sizes of pine cones. Slap some glue on the edges, put a little colored glitter on the glue, tie a red velvet ribbon around it and you have a beautiful Christmas tree ornament. Keep in mind that many of the sights visitors see in St. Simons Island carry curios and keepsakes, some of which can be hung on your tree.

A Courtyard Florist on Frederica Road can give you red or white poinsettia blooms along with candles, sleighs and baskets filled with goodies. If you wish, grab some tin foil for making stars, pine straw for weaving into crosses and linen napkins for making angels for your tree. Don’t forget the popcorn and cranberries for making garlands around the tree.

Lights are Part of Christmas

Nothing delights kids, teething babies and curious adults more than a tour of the city’s Christmas lights. What delights parents even more is not driving (so they can see the lights).Bring a blanket or two, a bottle of cheer (kids not allowed to drink) and enjoy the cookies and hot chocolate. You’ll be on a Lighthouse Tour, touring the Lighthouse, St. Simons Village, Redfern Village and many neighborhoods with their stunning light displays. Santa will even make an appearance! If you want to bring your own food, feel free, but remember to be respectful and clean up after yourselves.

The Best Christmas Dinner Ever

Watch the breakers roll in as you dig into Christmas dinner at Echo, the island’s premier restaurant inside The King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort. The restaurant takes extreme pride in providing its guests the freshest of farm-to-table foods. Not only Southern fare will be found here, but trending dishes featuring the freshest of authentic Georgia seafood and veggies. Christmas dinner will be a treat to remember for a long time!

Looking for a patch of St. Simons Island real estate to decorate and on which to put up a Christmas tree for your family? Whether you’re renting or buying, we can show you properties with as many bedrooms and baths as you need, spacious rooms and stunning views. When you contact us for more information, we can also tell you where to pick up Christmas lights to do the house up right!

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