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Thirsty for St. Simons Real Estate History and Cold Brews?

fort fredericaThe next time you’re viewing St. Simons real estate; don’t forget to take in a bit of history along the way. There are scores of important sites open to the public, including Fort Frederica.

We’ve mentioned its history before, in previous blog posts. But that was before the site’s caretakers released information about guided tours. Scheduled throughout the spring and summer, they’re lead by knowledgeable rangers. So as expected, tour participants often walk away with more than just a few cool photographs.

Many develop a better understanding of the historic slice of St. Simons real estate. Plus, they may have the pleasure of reenacting lifestyles from the 1700s too. For instance, there is one tour that includes a historical pub crawl. Back then, St. Simons’ residents didn’t drink the bottled and canned beers that are found on so many shelves today.

As this Popular Mechanics’ article points out, there were many differences between today’s pub experience and that of yesteryear.

So taking the Fort Frederica tour is bound to be fascinating to many visitors. And afterward, everyone might want to visit Weber’s Growler Factory. Open daily and located within driving distance of Fort Frederica, it is one of a few places on St. Simons Island that serves an assortment of craft beers.

Of course not all of Fort Frederica’s tours mention colonial era brews.

There are others available that have absolutely nothing to do with hops and barley. So, it’s best to review the historical site’s event calendar at least a month out and make reservations for the tour of your choice. Oftentimes, St. Simons real estate agents can help visitors arrange those excursions in conjunction with tours of coastal property for sale or rent.

To learn more about the island’s historical tours and other events that may be worked in to a St Simons real estate related trip, please contact us today.

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