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St. Simons Real Estate: Ownership Has Its Privileges for Anglers

St. Simons Real Estate: Ownership Has Its Privileges for Anglers

If there is one thing that Georgia outdoor sports enthusiasts know, it’s that owning a section of St. Simons real estate has its perks. “What are those perks?”, you may ask. If you have got some time to spare, read on and we’ll be glad to tell you.

Discounted & Free Fishing Licenses in St. Simons

fishing-image-st-simonsFor starters, St. Simons real estate owners and island residents have the benefit of being potentially eligible for free and discounted fishing licenses. The complimentary and discounted licenses are typically reserved for seniors, veterans and the disabled. However, rules do change. So it’s best to check with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources from time to time.

Free Fishing Holidays in St. Simons

In addition to the special licensing, the state also tends to host two to three free fishing days each year. They usually take place in June and September in accordance with two national holidays. Those holidays are National Fishing & Boating Week and National Hunting & Fishing Day.

Year Round Fishing Spots in St. Simons

If that’s not enough to lure you to St. Simons’ shores, consider this. There are saltwater and freshwater angling opportunities available year round. Furthermore, St. Simons real estate owners don’t have to restrict themselves to fishing from shore. There are ample piers, a marina, bait shops and fishing charters available in the area as well.

Free Fishing Maps & Charts in St. Simons

To find the best spots with ease, St. Simons Island real estate owners can also check out free fishing maps and nautical charts anytime that they want. The most current maps and nautical charts are posted on the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Coastal Division’s website. As far as the tide charts go, they are available through the NOAA Tides & Currents’ site. Just look for Station Id# 8677344.

Those are just some of the fishing related advantages that come with owning St. Simons real estate. To learn more, contact us at DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. We have extensive experience in helping anglers find the St. Simons’ home of their dreams.


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