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St. Simons Real Estate: More Than What Visitors See on Trolley Tours

Wormslow Rd St Simons Real EstateEach year, thousands of visitors step on board trolleys to admire St. Simons real estate from afar.

And as long-time agents, we can certainly see why. There are many beautiful buildings on the island and local trolley tour providers frequently include them in their offerings.

There’s just one problem with the trips. They don’t give visitors a chance to walk inside St. Simons real estate for sale or rent.

So our St Simons real estate agents encourage anyone enamored by what they see on a trolley tour to consider sticking around for a while. We can assist them with post-trolley tours of local homes that are just waiting for new or returning occupants. For instance, some trolley tours extend to Frederica Road. The road leads to touristy hot spots, including Fort Frederica. However, it is also within driving distance of Wymerbly-On-The-Marsh.

What is Wymberly-On-The-Marsh?

It is a section of St. Simons real estate that includes Wymberly and Wormslow Roads. The roads boast homes for sale or rent that exceed 2,000-square feet of living space and include 0.300-acres or more of land. Many of them were built in the 1970s and feature coastal living niceties. On that list of niceties are open patios, plantation shutters, well-built decks and fenced in backyards big enough for swimming pools.

And Wymberly-On-The-Marsh isn’t the only area of St. Simons Island that’s near notable sites. For example, the trolleys often drive by Bloody Marsh, St, Simon’s Lighthouse, St. Simons Village and the Avenue of the Oaks. There are communities and charming residences within driving distance of those areas too. And some have river, marsh or ocean views that rival anything found in architecture magazines.

To learn more about visiting homes for sale or rent located near the island’s trolley routes, please contact the St Simons real estate agents at DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty.



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