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St. Simons Real Estate Mentioned in Wall St. Journal Article about Seafood

seafood st simons gaOn June 13th, a small slice of St. Simons real estate was momentarily thrust into the spotlight as part of a Wall Street Journal article about all of the wonderful, fresh seafood available throughout the Golden Isles and beyond. The WSJ writer covered restaurants from Fernandina Beach all the way to South Carolina. So the mention was brief, but there nonetheless. That said, we wanted to provide our own list of great, coastal restaurants that visitors and locals alike may enjoy during their time on St. Simons real estate. It is by no means an exhaustive one and the eateries are listed in no particular order:

Georgia Sea Grill (Mallery Street)

When you are in the mood for sweet-tasting shrimp prepared at least five ways, consider heading over to Mallery Street. It is home to the St. Simons Island Pier Village and a popular, seafood restaurant known as the Georgia Sea Grill. In addition to shrimp, they serve other seafood delights including buttermilk oysters, sea scallops, grouper, lobster and crab.

Catch 228 Oyster Bar & Grill (Redfern Village)

If nothing pleases your palate like a pile of succulent oysters, Catch 228 may just end up being your “go to” place. If it does, you’d certainly be in good company too. That’s because many of their seafood meals consistently get high ratings on sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp. Besides the fresh oysters, the list of meals that tends to get the most “thumbs up” includes the blue crab soup, grouper, low country boil and the seafood combo.

Coastal Kitchen (Marina Drive)

Should you want to try something tasty and different, try the Coastal Kitchen. They frequently serve seafood with an interesting twist. To experience the unusual, try items like the lobster nachos and the tuna tostada. Of course there are traditionally prepared, seafood dishes available too. Among them are wild Georgia shrimp, bank scallops, blackened redfish, flounder and blue crab.

Mullet Bay (Ocean Boulevard)

Another one of St. Simons real estate owners’ favored places to dine is Mullet Bay and with excellent reason. They serve a variety of fresh seafood dishes including a rich bisque, popcorn shrimp, crabmeat toast, fish tacos and breaded Mahi. Plus, they offer al fresco seating.

To learn more about the many places where St. Simons real estate owners and visitors alike may dine on fresh Georgia seafood contact us.  We’d love to show you several coastal homes for sale complete with their own stunning kitchens.

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