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St. Simons Real Estate is a Perfect Investment for Homeschooling Families

Kids learningSt. Simons real estate comes with many benefits, including the freedom to homeschool one’s children. There are also excellent schools available in Glynn County for children that are ready to transfer from a home school environment to a public, private or online one. However, in today’s post we wanted to primarily focus on the area’s homeschooling option.

The Georgia Department of Education has very few specific rules that govern homeschooling in Glynn County. A complete detailing of those rules is posted online and spelled out in Georgia Statute 20-2-690. One of those rules requires St. Simons real estate owners to contact the department each year and register their homeschooled children. Registration is free and may be conveniently completed online.

Once the kids are registered, they must spend a minimum of 180-days engaged in 4.5-hours of home education. They must also participate in periodic testing as dictated by the law. Parents have guidelines that they must follow too, including writing five progress reports per child, every year. Plus, they must purchase all of their own supplies. Additional information about progress reports and curriculum materials are available through the Georgia Home Education Association.

It’s also important to note that parents who choose to invest in St. Simons real estate and home school their children will find a very supportive community in place. The Coastal Georgia Homeschool Association is just one part of that supportive community. It offers its members fellowship and access to great resources, like group field trips and online chats. The Home School Legal Defense Association is another. It is a nationwide organization that offers St. Simons real estate owners assorted benefits as well.

In addition to having a supportive community to rely on, St. Simons real estate owners who homeschool their children may also be eligible for financial assistance and special programs. For example, children who complete home studies may apply for the state’s HOPE Scholarship and Governor’s Honors Program.

To learn more about living and attending school on St. Simons Island, please contact our DeLoach Sotheby’s International real estate agents today.

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