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St. Simons Real Estate Gets Mentioned in TIME Magazine

In a previous blog post, we talked about the excitement that the Anchorman 2 crew’s presence generated among real estate owners on St Simons in early 2013. Well apparently our island’s two-legged inhabitants weren’t the only ones captivated by all of that star power.

jellyfishA December 2013 article published in TIME magazine discusses a certain group of sea creatures who felt the need to check out all of the action. Wondering which sea creatures apparently couldn’t wait to see stars? Well, we’ll tell you. It was a group of jellyfish. You can read all about the crew’s encounter with our island’s marine life in the magazine’s entertainment section.

For those unfamiliar with St. Simons real estate, what the crew most likely encountered were cannonball jellyfish. Most locals refer to them as jelly balls. Although they look large and menacing, they are really no trouble at all. Why? Unlike other species of jellyfish, they don’t have a history of stinging humans. So actor Will Ferrell was right to dive in without fear.

What he might not have known, however, is how important the jelly balls are to St. Simons real estate owners and commercial fishing companies. The gelatinous looking blobs are actually big business here on the coast. Thanks in part to Asia-Pacific’s culinary industry. The industry’s members love to include the creatures on their menus. That’s why Coastal Georgia has its own special jellyfish harvest season each year.

At this point you may be thinking, “What on earth can you create with a jelly ball from St. Simons Island?” Well when you hear all of the various dishes, you might be surprised. Some chefs marinate the balls and roll them in sesame seeds as part of a raw meal. Others add them to potato pancakes and serve the starch-laden morsels with dipping sauces.

Like we promised, they are not the only ways to eat jellyfish either. It’s not uncommon to see them pickled, sautéed and mixed into a bowl full of Asian noodles or vegetables.

We should also mention that jelly balls are used for more than just creating Asian inspired fare. They are also used as bait by anglers on the hunt for spadefish. To learn more about what goes on in Coastal Georgia and grab a slice of coveted real estate, please contact us at DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty.


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