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St. Simons Real Estate | Fort Frederica National Monument

St. Simons Real Estate | Fort Frederica National Monument

Fort Frederica National Monument, located on St. Simons Island,  was dedicated in 1936 by Franklin Roosevelt, but predates the Revolution.  Named after the Prince of Whales, Frederick, it was renamed Frederica to distinguish it from Fort Frederick in South Carolina.

St Simons Real Estate Historical Facts

St-Simons-Real-Estate-Fort-FredericaBuilt in 1736 to defend itself from Spanish domination, this colony was considered a British colony before the Revolution.  It was founded by James Oglethorpe, a British General and Member of Parliament.  He founded Georgia as a place to resettle Britain’s poor and those in debtor prison.  He found conditions in the debtor prisons to be horrendous, and was successful in closing many of them in Britain at that time. 

The fort was built to defend their new territory, and was successful at repelling the Spanish. Eventually it was abandoned altogether.  Over time the population increased again, as wealthier land owners could not resist the temperate climate.

The website, Wikipedia, describes how the fort was reestablished…

“Using information from 18th-century maps and journals as guides, the archaeologists excavated sections of the fort and village. By correlating the archaeological data with the historic documents and excavating remains of structures, the archaeologists have provided important insight into Frederica’s past and colonial history, a complex time of international rivalries.”

An old homesite has been excavated, along with a garrison wall and pieces of other walls and structures.  The implementation of the Oglethorpe plan of building cities using organized, build-able space around open space continues today. Fort Frederica, its surrounding village and historical museum are operated by the National Parks Service and is open daily to the public from 9am to 5pm seven days a week. Fees are $3.00 per persons over 16, 15 and under enter free, and those with a National Parks Service pass enter free.  Gates close at 5pm.

St Simons real estate is well aware of the historical importance of this island paradise.

The privilege of living there and enjoying the environment early Georgians enjoyed is yours for the taking.

At, you will be guided on the path of you own historical importance, by living your dream here in the South. See why generations of people chose this as their home. 

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