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St Simons Real Estate a Perfect Choice for Active People

Being healthy and active is a lifestyle that people incorporate into their every day life, and that includes vacation time. Rather than going to a gym a few hours a week, people are finding ways to incorporate fitness into their recreation, and making it a treat, rather than a chore. For those looking for the perfect vacation spot, St Simons real estate provides opportunities for people to enjoy physical activity while enjoying the beautiful natural and historic aspects of the island.

How St Simons Real Estate Owners Stay Active

Water Sports on St Simons

Being on an island, it makes perfect sense that the most common recreation sports involve water. Kayaking is popular here and you can get an upper body and core workout while exploring marshes and the water offshore. Go for a swim at one of several beaches, or try a stand-up paddleboard on a calm day. St Simons real estate owners enjoy these perks everyday!

Bicycle rider on St SimonsBiking

Bring your own or rent a bike on the island and start exploring! See the sights while enjoying a fun ride. There are 30 miles of bike routes on the island that will take you to see historic and notable locations while getting a workout.

St. Simons Golf Courses

For some people, nothing beats a round of golf while enjoying a breeze off the ocean. Hitting and chasing those little white balls gives you range of motion exercises and plenty of walking too.

Walking and Running

Starting or ending the day with a walk or run is a great way to exercise and enjoy the sights. Run along one of the beaches, explore a nature trail, or walk up the 129 steps of the lighthouse to get a fabulous view from the top. Wherever you choose to walk or run on the island, there is plenty to see while you’re staying active.

If you’re looking for a place that has great scenery, atmosphere, history, and opportunities to stay active, St. Simons is the perfect real estate choice. Contact us to find your perfect place on the island so you can start enjoying all the benefits.


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