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St Simons Real Estate: Avid Bicyclists Love Living Here

If you’re looking for a place to purchase a home for vacation or as a permanent residence, St Simons real estate offers all kinds of activities for the family.  

If visiting a park, exploring historical landmarks, or checking out local shopping opportunities is on your to-do list, the entire island is accessible to bicyclists.  Whether you bring your own or rent some bikes on the island, it is the perfect place for people who like to travel on pedal power.

Bike Trails for St. Simons Real Estate and Vacationing 

St Simons Real Estate for BikersPurchasing real estate on St Simons has numerous advantages. If you are a biking enthusiasts, put those car keys away because the entire island is bike friendly.  It boasts 30 miles worth of bike trails that will take you anywhere you want to go.  The newest path travels along Lawrence Road to the north side of the island, going right past Frederica Park, where you can toss a frisbee, have a picnic, climb on the playground, and explore the botanical trail.  

Another time, check out the trail along the south end of the island.  Stop and check out the lighthouse, or take a dip in the pool and play a round of mini-golf at the Fun Zone.  Continue on the path to check out more beautiful beaches and ocean views.

In the mood to do some shopping and check out some local restaurants?  A trail along Frederica Road goes through shopping districts so you can stop and browse when something catches your eye.  You will no doubt work up an appetite and find something to tempt your taste buds at one of the many eateries along this path too, whether it is a casual ice cream cone or a sit down dinner.

St Simons Real Estate Company DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty 

No matter what path you decide to take on St. Simons Island, you’re sure to have fun while you explore the area.  Whether you want to look at the historical sights, do some shopping, or enjoy ocean views from the beach, contact us to find the perfect vacation home for you and your family. 

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