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St. Simons Real Estate Agents’ Tips for Visiting Fort Frederica

Fort FredericaSt. Simons real estate owners have their pick of things to do but visiting Fort Frederica in the fall tends to be a favorite. It’s a superlative time to stroll the grounds, learn about the site and take pictures.

We’d suggest visiting in the morning, around 8:30 a.m., when the light is excellent and the air is cool.

And visitors should make it a point to eat breakfast first because they’ll need to keep up their energy.

The park encompasses more than 200 acres and the flat terrain is grassy. So it will be an easy but long walk for most folks. Bearing that in mind, we’d recommend filling a cooler with bottled water and ice. It won’t be allowed inside of the historic site but thirsty explorers will surely appreciate having something cold to drink as they return to their vehicles.

While inside of the immense park, visitors should head towards the old buildings. The often make the best photographs, especially in the morning light. Plus, later in the day, a filter may be needed to keep the sun spots at bay and they’ll likely be more tourists around. Afterward, many people like to photograph the water and aim for candid shots of the area’s wildlife.

If it is cool enough, a number of amphibians and reptiles may be willing to sit still long enough for visitors to snap off a few pictures. At last count there were more than 180 different creatures that may be found along the water’s edge. Among them are Southern leopard frogs, anoles, Eastern narrow-mouthed toads, skinks, Southern cricket frogs. It may be possible to spy mammals, waterfowl and various plants too.

Finally, we’d suggest that everyone swing by the museum and visitor’s center for some background information on the site’s history. And later, meet up with us for a tour of the surrounding St. Simons real estate for sale. To set up a meeting time and date, please contact DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty today.

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