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St. Simons Island Real Estate: Say Hola! to Spanish Revival Style Homes

In a previous post, we talked about some of the architects that influenced Coastal Georgia’s landscape. Among them were Barry Sugerman, Addison Mizner, Francis Abreu and W. Frank McCall Junior. Today, we wanted to branch slightly off topic and talk about the Spanish architecture found throughout real estate on St Simons Island. They include variations like mission revival, pueblo revival, Spanish colonial, Monterey revival and territorial revival.

st simons island real estate with french casement windows made with glazed glassLet’s start with a broad look at the windows that help define these styles:

For the most part, a true Spanish Revival style home on St. Simons Island has either French or standard casement windows made with glazed glass. However, some designers may also make use of muntin divided, double-hung windows and ornamental iron work. Arched and recessed, they typically feature brick mould transitional elements that segue into stucco exterior walls.

An example of these types of windows may be found at one of the 5,800-square feet homes we have listed on Everglade. The St Simons Island Everglade home also features other characteristics that are central to these design styles. Among them are the heavy use of arches, arcades, hewn beams, decorative iron work, terracotta roof tiles, balconies, patios and walled courtyards.
What the Everglade home doesn’t have are tower-like chimneys. They were often utilized in Spanish Revival style homes as well. A good example of towers being incorporated into St. Simons Island real estate may be found in at least one of the 4,012-square feet Sea Island Lake cottages that we currently have for sale or rent.

You’ll also find the hewn beams, arched windows, patios and the iron work that we referenced previously.

The list of other Spanish Revival design elements know to appear on St. Simons Island real estate and homes includes, but doesn’t end with wooden doors, open floor plans, asymmetrical facades and towers with long, arched windows.

To learn more about these types of homes and find your own Spanish version of Heaven, please contact a DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty agent today.

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