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St. Simons Island Real Estate for Sale: The Perks of Life’s Labors

Antique Car ShowWith Labor Day 2015 briskly approaching, our thoughts turn towards why Americans spend large portions of their lives working hard. Perhaps it is the call of the perks that often come from a lifetime of labor. The perks laborious Americans seek clearly vary per individual. However, for many, it’s a chance to take advantage of St. Simons Island real estate for sale or rent.

Reasons for purchasing St. Simons Island real estate run the gamut. Many Americans come here to bask in the glory of coastal living or escape the golden years’ cold weather aches and pains. Remember, our island’s temperatures generally stay above 60 degrees Fahrenheit year round and annual precipitation is often less than 50 inches. So those with cold weather aversions tend to love it here.

And did we mention all that Coastal Georgia living entails?

People can scoop live seafood out of the water as often as they please and host beach or marsh front boils year round.

There’s also all of the history, scenery, cultural and recreational opportunities one would expect from a venerable, timeless, coastal destination. For example, they could reasonably enjoy oceanfront concerts, metal detecting for buried treasure, antique car shows and art walks all in the same month.

It goes without saying that seasonal renters may enjoy the same delights, albeit for shorter periods than year round residents. However, St. Simons Island real estate for sale is not something that’s in infinite supply. Consequently, private retreats like the St Simons Island 4,200-square foot cottages located mid-island never last on the market for very long.

Neither do sprawling, acre plus plantations with their own boat lifts and mature, Southern oaks.

To learn more about what it’s like to enjoy the benefits of a lifetime of hard work in an island setting, please contact us at DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty today.

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