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St. Simons Island Real Estate for Sale: Fifty Shades of Green

We always smile when visitors to Georgia tell us “it’s so green”! Pine trees, marshes, golf courses and the lawns of well-manicured estates delight visitors all year round.

St Simons Island Green Real EstateHowever, there’s a deeper sense of the more than fifty shades of green blessing Georgia terrain that visitors sometimes miss.

It can be seen to best advantage in the marshes, in the quiet forests listening to still rivers and in the misty green of a sunrise over historic grounds. It’s in the timelessness of forgotten cotton plantations and in the serenity of memorial gardens. St. Simons Island real estate for sale gives buyers a glimpse of a few of the fifty shades of Georgia green to enjoy for years to come.

The Marshes of Glynn

Standing sentinel between the barrier islands and the coast of Georgia, the marshes of Glynn were made famous by 19th century former Confederate soldier and poet Sidney Lanier. The marsh and its native inhabitants were seen through the poet’s eyes as a perspective. He saw how life in the form of the birds, fish and other denizens of the green spaces was blessed by the Divine in the simplest and most beautiful form of all. “In the greatness of God” seemed to render him poetically speechless. Thank goodness he wasn’t literally speechless, or we might never have seen the serene beauty of this shade of green.

Bloody Marsh

Once hotly contested by both the Florida Spanish and the Georgia English, this marsh once stood as the boundary of the new colonies. Spanish moss hangs from trees that once witnessed the victory of the English over the Spanish, one that completely demoralized the Spanish invaders. They never again tried to invade colonial Georgia’s territory. A marker now stands as the only remembrance of the decisive battle.

Notice the varied shades of green, from almost brownish through to bright light and dark green. They take their color from no reflection in still waters; they simply are what they are.

Cannon’s Point Preserve

Have you never seen a true wilderness, the kind our pioneers fought and tamed so many hundreds of years ago?

Nowadays, any wilderness has been paved, has a Wendy’s atop it and is firmly planted with light poles and microwave towers. However, on the northern tip of St. Simons Island lies 600 acres of a combination of marsh, forest and solid land.

Oak, pine and palm trees vie for your attention with Spanish moss, bright and dark green undergrowth and other types of trees. It is home to many thousands of years old formations made up primarily of shells and bone along with a few artifacts. These are called shell rings and middens. Also present are the remains of a 19th century plantation.

Look up through the trees and notice how the shades of green are highlighted.

Wesley Memorial and Gardens

If you want to see as many shades of green as possible, tour the Wesley Memorial and Gardens when the azaleas are in bloom. This memorial of the founders of the Methodist denomination is presided over by oaks older than anyone can remember as well as varying native plants.

Brothers John and Charles Wesley were Church of England priests who tended the souls of the new Georgia colony. One went on to become one of the greatest ministers in Methodism, while the other went on to write hymns we sing to this day. A Celtic cross carved out of Georgia stone commemorates their contributions to Christianity as we know it today.

St. Simons Island is a charming mixture of ancient, historic and present day natural beauty. Its shades of green are lovingly preserved and ferociously guarded by all who love this poetic and fascinating place. Please contact us to learn more about our lovely shades of green.

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