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St. Simons Island Real Estate to Be Featured On the Big Screen

Have you heard the news yet?

Come November 24th, 2013, the land down under will become just a bit more familiar with St. Simons Island real estate. That’s the date Paramount Pictures’ funny film, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is scheduled for release in Sydney. Unfortunately, it isn’t expected to hit America’s big screens until December 20th.

St Simons eventSome folks may recall that St. Simons real estate owners were thrilled during the late spring and early summer when filming for the production took place on the island. At the time, stars like Christina Applegate, Steve Carell and Will Ferrell were seen in various St. Simons Island locations.

“Which locations?”, you may ask. Well, the actually filming took place at the Gruber Aviation Hangar, the Old Coast Guard Station Beach, Pier Village and 6th Street. So movie goers should look for glimpses of those areas during the film’s beach wedding, lighthouse and shark scenes.

The stars, however, were spotted soaking up St. Simons Islands’ charms in other locations too. One of those locations was Southern Soul Barbecue on Demere Road. You may have heard about Southern Soul Barbecue before because it’s been featured in numerous national magazines and major newspapers. Among the more notable are Bon Appetit, Southern Living and The New York Times Sunday Edition.

With that said, a trip to the barbecue joint might be in order when the movie debuts on St. Simons Island. No word yet though on when, or if, the film will be shown at the GTC Island 7 Cinemas. Many St. Simons Island real estate owners are undoubtedly hoping that it will.

For more information about why St. Simons Island real estate has the power to attract celebrities and others in droves, please contact us. Our St. Simons real estate agents may be reached online or by phone.



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