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St. Simons Island Real Estate -America’s #1 Favorite Beach Town

The gentle lapping of waves lap pristine beaches full of sand dollars.St.-Simons-Island-Real-Estate-Americas-1-Favorite-Beach-Town-

Green, swaying marshes hide protected turtle sanctuaries. This is outdoor living at its finest, coupled with simple living and the fine-dining of only the best, local cuisine. The icing on the cake showcases magnificent beach homes, with every luxury detail, and adjoining, boutique, cottage communities. No, this is not Florida. It’s the hidden gem of the eastern seabord of St. Simons Island.

This exquisite beach community is perfectly situated between Savannah and Jacksonville, Florida, yet contains every modern convenience, making trips, into the busy cities, unnecessary. And, St. Simon’s, is not just for tourists. Baby Boomers and beach lovers alike are quietly calling this beautiful community home. That’s why this focus on St Simons Island Real Estate-voted Americas #1 favorite beach town by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

The golden isles, off Georgia east coast, bristle with people from all walks of life, seeking a home away from, traditional, home. Whether it’s a vacation rental, investment property or primary residence, St. Simons welcomes anyone to experience the ocean breeze and explore the area. There is sure to be a property that fits the needs of even the most exclusive and high-end of clients. Let’s explore the types of real estate needs, typically seen in clients of St. Simons buyers.

For the vacation renter or investment property seeker:

The facts are clear. This is a HOT real estate market nationwide. Foreclosures are down to historic lows and, these factors are known as a Sellers market.

Investors, and those looking for a lower-priced fixer-upper, can find it extremely difficult to find a property anywhere in the country, much less a desired, beach community like St. Simons Island. It is critical in this market to work with professionals like the Realtors of DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty to find the needle in the haystack. These seasoned St Simons real estate agents, are aware of every inch of prime property on the island, and can search, based, not only, on the needs of the individual, but with specific criteria, based on location, condition or status.

DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty understands the rapid rate of flow of real estate in this market, and advises clients on a day to day, basis of new properties available to these savvy buyers. Financing, in these scenarios, can be tricky as well.

These agents partner with top financial institutions, and mortgage specialists, for those desiring a renovation loan, hard-money, or investment mortgage scenario. So, whether a client is looking for single family homes, flip properties/ multi-family, or land to build, finding vendors to trust, with such an extensive financial asset to a clients portfolio, makes the team at DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty a stand out above other Realtors in the area.

Second homes or Primary Residence

Many visitors return to St. Simons Island seeking a second family vacation home. Some choose to call this quaint community their primary residence. St. Simons offers a wide variety of homes, from which to choose. A first step scenario, before contacting a Realtor, would be to determine financial options, and after, a style of home that best suits the family needs.

These factors make a search easier, and facilitate a quicker transaction, for both Realtor and client. Some of these needs include:

  1. Financial- this is, of course, step one. Whether a cash buyer or needing a loan for a property, determining the price point is key. Typical homes and condos begin in the $300K range and extend well into the multi-millions. St. Simons offers plethora of choices for homes and condominiums, whether close to the village life of Pier City, or steps from the ocean. Find an example of what St. Simons has to offer, from modest to extreme luxury, here.
  1. He says-she says – In ALL real estate transactions, the parties involved have specific needs and wants, in a second or primary home. It’s important to make a careful list determining the things that are most crucial. Is beachfront required, golf or gated community, one story or two, Victorian or craftsman, condominium, updated or work needed. Is distance to shopping, eateries, outdoor amenities (hiking/biking,fishing), or something out of the way and private, most important. These are key factors. Only then, can particulars of the interior be decided, such as square footage, acreage, luxury amenities, etc. Having a list helps the Realtor facilitate the ideal location and property for each client.

Tourists are common in the summer months, and St. Simons Island prides itself in offering a rich, diverse, culture full of history, frivolity and abundant sunshine. Along with its sister, Sea Island, there is a home for everyone. who wishes a simple, quiet. escape from the hustle of work and life stresses. When the tide rolls in and the lighthouse beckons the weary traveler, it’s no wonder so many choose to make America’s #1 beach town, a home.

For more information on investment, second homes or primary residences on St. Simons Island contact us.

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