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St. Simon’s Island Georgia Real Estate Owners Enjoy World Class Fishing

St. Simon’s Island Georgia Real Estate Owners Enjoy World Class Fishing

There’s a song titled ‘Sittin’ Here Wishin’ That I Could Go Fishin”, if you own real estate on St. Simon’s Georgia, you can do more than wish.

Walk to the beach with your salt water rod and tackle to enjoy some fantastic Flounder fishing. If you prefer dropping a line off the Fishing Pier on St. Simon’s Island, come on down and see what is biting. While strolling the pier, take time to find a bench, and enjoy the tranquility of the gently lapping water. Those crazy birds will be sure to put on a show, and remember to keep an eye out for the local dolphins.

Trout and Red Drum, a.k.a. Red Fish, are prevalent, in fact expect to catch your limit. The Drum are a bit more elusive as they prefer creeks and marshes, but remember to use the Thunder Chicken Popping Cork. This lure works with both live or artificial bait for a good catch. Not just a summer activity, as long as there is available food sources, both these species can be harvested all year long.

Depending on how you prefer to fish, inshore or offshore and how far out, the variety in this area is amazing. Want to fight for an hour or so to reel in one of the biggest fish you may have ever seen? Tarpon fishing might just be what you are looking for. Imagine the incredible stories you will have to tell your friends. The pictures will prove they are not “fish tales.”

Also caught regularly are Black Drum, Black Sea Bass, Barracuda, Tripletail, Tuna, and Wahoo to name a few.

As you see, this island right on the Georgia sea shore offers world class fishing. DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty can make your dream of living this close to such prime fishing grounds a reality. Contact us to help you find the perfect St Simons Island real estate for your home.

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