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St Simons Island and It’s Ghosts

St Simons Island and It's GhostsSt. Simons Island is known for its legends about popular ghosts and their captivating stories. Take tours to hear all the details and see the destinations for yourself.

St. Simons Ghost Walk

A 90-minute walking tour takes you through the spooky Old Village streets and passageways draped in eerie moss and into parks while you are told numerous tales of murder, mystery, spirits, folklore, history, and fright. Be informed and entertained.

St. Simons Ghost Tours by Trolley

Instead of walking, you can take this after-dinner evening history and ghost event by trolley. Visit authentic island history sites and learn their ghostly stories. Visit the graveyards of Indians at island parks. Feel the spookiness of the ride down the Avenue of Oaks with their dripping Spanish moss.

Mary The Wanderer

Mary is St. Simons Island’s most famous ghost. Mary was a beautiful young lady and was about to wed her true love when he drowned in a capsized boat near the shore. Mary then took her own life.

If you look carefully late at night, you still may see her, holding her lantern high, walking the beaches and forests searching for her lost love.

The Light in Christ Church Cemetery

Stand outside the walls of that cemetery at night, and you may see a flickering light that is said to be still there because a grieving husband would bring a lit candle every night to his wife’s grave because she was dreadfully afraid of the dark. The light continued long after he eventually passed away himself.

The Ghosts of Ebo’s Landing

During the plantation era, many slaves were brought onland by way of the shores of Dunbar Creek. However, the proud leader of the noble Nigerian Igbos tribe led his people into the creek waters rather than have them submit to slavery.

Since that area of is on private property, you have to look north from a distance as you travel east on Sea Island Road just before crossing the small bridge at the creek.

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