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St. Simons Island, A Local Paradise

St. Simons Island, A Local Paradise

Ever dreamt of having a home far away enough to disconnect, yet close enough where it still feels like home? Well, St. Simons Island might just be that place you’ve been dreaming about. Although the island is part of the Brunswick area of Georgia, when you are here you pleasantly feel like you’re far from the US. This nature-filled island is full of parks, beaches and an amazing community of warm, welcoming people that quickly become like family. St Simon is a spring break destination because of its beautiful beaches but also home to a big community of retirees and second homeowners.


Be a St. Simon Island Local

Because life is short and you should be living it up at the beach, St. Simons is a great place to do just that. This island provides such a relaxed atmosphere that you may forget that you are still in the US. The closest mainland towns are Savannah and Jacksonville, making it super convenient if you need to go back for the day.

The island is mostly populated by retirees, making the average age 51. This paradise has amazing parks, beaches, golf courses and a quaint yet charming downtown area where you can find amazing dining and shops.

Since the streets here are safe and people are in no rush to get anywhere, you will see that the main mean of transportation is biking. Riding a bike everywhere is a practical way to get your exercise in all while getting where you need to go!


Things To Do

There are many things to do here; There’s an abundance of relaxed, nature-filled activities for the whole family. For example, there’s Fort Frederica National Monument. Filled with a rich history, According to this monument is the remains of the fort built by the British colonist in the 1700s to protect them from the Spanish raids, now it’s a beautiful landmark that gives this island charming character.

Specific to the island is another must-see; The Tree Spirit Cravings, which are cravings on the trees done by artist Keith Jennings. According to legend has hit that these cravings were made in honor of the fallen sailors that lost their lives at sea. You will notice how the tree grows around the face cravings, making it even more interesting to look at. If you’re a fisher or just enjoys strolls by the beach taking in all that nature has to offer, you will enjoy the pier by Pier Village.

There’s so much more than what was mentioned here so please don’t hesitate to contact us at DeLoach Sotherby’s International Realty with any questions you may have!

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