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Sensational Star Gazing While Viewing St. Simons Real Estate

Donald SutherlandDid you recently catch a glimpse of Donald Sutherland or another Hollywood A-Lister strolling across St. Simons real estate?

Maybe at the time, you thought the old eyes were acting up. But we can tell you, chances are they were not.

Just before the start of Labor Day Weekend 2016, the 81-year-old Canadian was here on business along with several other Tinsel Town favorites. He and his cohorts were filming scenes for what promises to be a riveting love story.

The scenes were shot near our St. Simons real estate office, which is within driving distance of many area properties for sale. It stars the handsome octogenarian along with the much younger star, Helen Mirren. The stunning septuagenarian plays his cancer-ridden wife and co-pilot in the plucky, decidedly European flick. Only instead of jet-setting off in a plane, train or SUV, this pair hops aboard an RV.

In reality, recreational vehicles do tend make it on to St. Simons real estate from time to time but the filming locations were nowhere near suitable for motorhome living. That said, most RV couples tend to venture off to the campgrounds in nearby Brunswick or Jekyll Island. The stars, on the other hand, were down by the St. Simons Pier area, namely around Postell Park.

We’d be happy to show you the park, pier and available properties close to the water the next time you’re in town for a bit of stargazing.

As for the love story, it is currently making its way across the independent film circuit. So we anticipate it to hit St. Simons Island’s movie theatre sometime next year.

We’ll be looking for scenes featuring St. Simons real estate and hope that you’ll join us when that time comes. To learn more about our photogenic hometown before then, please contact us at

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