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Sea Island Real Estate Recently Rated #1 for Second Home Purchases

Sea Island Real Estate Recently Rated #1 for Second Home Purchases

Sea Island Real Estate is Recognized by Barron’s as the #1 Choice for Second Home Purchases

Sea Island is a viable and stable Georgia community. Barron’s has rated the area number one for buying second homes. Since the recent economic recession, Sea Island real estate has been ranked as having the best value when compared to homes in Beverly Hills, Aspen and other areas. This is in part due to falling prices in the area and the bankruptcy of Sea Island Corporation. Falling prices equate to huge opportunities for investors.

What are the Typical Home Prices in Sea Island?

In 2009, the median home price in Sea Island was $3.3 million. One year later, the median home price fell to $2.3 million. Sea Island real estate took a huge hit. The situation left many rich investors wondering if the bottom would ever be reached. Good news is that investors feel the prices are at a low point. Now may be a safe time to reinvest in the area and get a great deal.

What is it like to Live in Sea Island?


This coastal GA area is a gorgeous community with beautiful unobstructed views of the ocean. Salt marshes surround the area and give the community an old world splendor with a modern flair. The architecture is beautiful. Much of it is based upon Mediterranean-style design, and many of the exclusive homes are nestled in private communities with access to exclusive golf-courses and over five miles of private beaches.

Water recreation and relaxation is easy with direct accessibility. An exclusive and expansive 65,000 square-foot spa is also located on Sea Island community and available to all its members and guests. Any treatment desired, from massage therapy to facials, are available at the Sea Island Spa.

If you are searching for exclusive Sea Island real estate for sale, you are in luck. There are some awe-inspiring properties available at incredible prices.

What are Some Common Amenities in the Communities?

Many Sea Island real estate owners enjoy homes features such as private elevators, ocean views, swimming pools and private gate access. Most people in the community enjoy the lush landscaping and resort-style amenities. With it’s enticing and attracts numerous people seeking a haven from more popular areas around the nation. There is a reason Barron’s ranked the community number one and many people are discovering why. This hidden gem has much to offer its residents.

Consider Sea Island Real Estate For Your Next Investment

If you are considering a second home, there is no better place. Many Sea Island homes are located on the beach and have direct access. Consider how these Sea Island real estate can add value to your life through recreation and relaxation. You will not be disappointed.

Contact DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty to learn more about purchasing a second home on Sea Island today.

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