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Sea Island Real Estate Offers Easy Access to Symphony Events

Sea Island Real Estate Offers Easy Access to Symphony Events

In other blog posts, we have mentioned various forms of entertainment available on and around the Georgia coastline. Today, we wanted to switch gears and focus on The Coastal Symphony of Georgia. It’s one of the wonderful diversions available to Sea Island real estate owners.

coastal symphony of georgiaThe Coastal Symphony of Georgia has been wowing Sea Island residential owners and visitors with their musical performances for more than 25 years. The group is also affiliated with the Youth Symphony and the Symphony Society. They frequently host special events throughout Coastal Georgia too.

One upcoming event being put on by the Coastal Symphony of Georgia is the Cabaret 2014.

It’s slated to take place the evening of February 8th on Sea Island at the Cloister Ballroom. Considered to be a charitable affair, it will feature auctions, raffles, dancing, dinner and live entertainment. The proceeds will go towards the symphony’s ongoing efforts to provide a wonderful musical outlet for Coastal Georgia’s residents.

The musical group is also expected to put on a second event the evening of February 18th. However, it is scheduled to take place in nearby Brunswick at the Glynn Academy Memorial Auditorium. That event is anticipated to feature a globetrotting, guest performer from Uzbekistan, Turkey.

His name is Marat Rakhmatullaev and he’s a bassoonist. Perhaps you have heard of him. He has performed all over the world and was named the winner of the Electronic Information for Libraries’ President Order Medal of Friendship in 2010. In addition to performing, he also has a history of teaching music students.

Rakhmatullaev will join the symphony’s other illustrious members as they perform excerpts from Richard Wagner’s famous opera, The Mastersingers of Nurnberg and other selections. The other musical selections are expected to come from two other productions from the 1800s. They are Carl Maria von Weber’s Andante e Rondo Ungarese Op.35 and Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations Op. 3.

To learn more about owning Sea Island real estate and the area’s year round, cultural diversions, please contact us at DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty.


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