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Sea Island Real Estate: Home to the Beloved McGladrey Classic and More

McGladrey ClassicAs October draws ever closer, an increasing number of Golden Isles residents are coming down with a familiar case of PGA madness. It’s what happens every year when the McGladrey Classic comes to Sea Island real estate. The only cure for those afflicted is a hefty dose of family fun, sportsmanship and some time spent relaxing in Coastal Georgia’s beautiful rental homes.

This year’s famed golf outing will take place on the island from the 20th until the 26th. And in the process, fans will have opportunities to enjoy a series of side events too. Among them are Youth Day, the Wiffle Ball Classic and a live concert featuring beloved entertainer, Darius Rucker. He is expected to perform on Wednesday night. The wiffle ball game is set for the early evening on Tuesday and the youth event is slated to take place on Monday afternoon.

Most families love the youth day events. This time around, SNAG â„¢ Golf is anticipated to be one of the activities. It is a special type of golf game that is designed especially for young children. So you can count on it to involve kid-friendly golf clubs, easy-to-understand rules, unique golf balls and more.

In addition to the McGladrey Classic’s golf game and side events, there will be plenty of other diversions on offer. For example, visitors may want to hit the Golf Performance Center, go shopping, take a fishing trip or play disc golf at nearby Gascoigne Bluff. There are also a number of restaurants in the general area as well. Many typically offer some form of entertainment, like live concerts or karaoke nights throughout the fall.

To learn more about renting a Sea Island property in time to enjoy the annual golfing event, please contact DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty today. Each year, thousands of people are typically in attendance. So the earlier rental arrangements are made, the better.

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