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Sea Island Real Estate: Don’t Crawl If You Want to Catch Sight of the Turtles

Sea Island Real Estate: Don’t Crawl If You Want to Catch Sight of the Turtles Every day has the potential to be a “shell-abration” when you own Sea Island real estate.

Why? This stretch of Golden Isles’ shoreline is home to a number of turtles, both land and aquatic. Of course the aquatic tend to capture more mainstream headlines due to their nesting and mating behaviors, which are considered a rite of late spring as well as early summer.

With that in mind, now’s the ideal time to rent Sea Island real estate for the months of April through August 2017. Just bear in mind that most aquatic turtle related activities tend to take place in May through July, when the majority of local reptiles’ eggs are hatching. So if joining a guided nature walk or scouting for cute, little hatchlings is on the family’s bucket list we’d recommend shooting for a visit to see Sea Island real estate at that time.

Clearly, homes on or closest to Sea Island’s waterfront tend to be the most popular among sea turtle enthusiasts. Good choices include, but are not limited to homes on Forest Road, Dune Avenue and Beach Club Drive.

However, the Golden Isles are laid out as such that even inland rentals offer access to some of the best sea turtle viewing sites.

Examples include places like River Club Drive and Black Banks. In addition, some locations within a short drive of Sea Island boast turtle related attractions as well. For instance, Jekyll Island State Park is less than 25 miles from Sea Island and that’s where visitors will find one of the best known rehab centers on the Georgia Coast. It’s also where many of the touristy, turtle related activities tend to take place.

So many reptile enthusiasts will stay on Sea Island and make the short trek over to Jekyll during the warmer months to check those out as well.

To learn more about choosing rentals or permanent homes where Georgia’s best turtles are located, please contact DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty today.

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