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Sea Island Georgia Real Estate: Well Loved and Designed by Famous Architects

Over the years, many renowned architects have helped shape the look of Sea Island, Georgia real estate. So our agents thought that it might be fun to shine a spotlight on some of the talented men that had a hand in creating the homes we currently have for sale on the island.

Sea Island Real Estate and ArchitectureHere’s a glimpse at four of the most prolific ones:

W. Frank McCall Jr.

One of the most renowned, Southern architects to have ever designed a Sea Island home is W. Frank McCall Jr. A native Floridian, McCall designed many buildings throughout the island and Georgia in general. He typically relied on classic designs normally found in ancient Greco-Roman structures, like arches and columns. For those that want to learn more about the history of his work, we’d suggest reading two books by W.R. Mitchell, Junior. They are A Continuing Tradition: Wm, Frank McCall, Jr., FAIA and The Architecture of William Frank McCall Jr., FAIA: A Complete Designer in the Classical Tradition

Addison Mizner

Addison Mizner was a west coast architect that also had a heavy hand in shaping Sea Island, Georgia real estate. However, unlike McCall, he favored Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean Revivals. Thus, his buildings generally featured elements like stucco walls, wrought iron balconies, keystones, red tiled roofs, chimney finishes and Roman arcades. His work is also found throughout Florida and New York. Oh, and by the way, he married into the Singer family. The very same one that was responsible for giving the world Singer sewing machines. To learn a bit more about him and his eventual downfall, read Raymond Vickers’ book, Panic in Paradise: Florida’s Banking Crash of 1926.

Mizner wasn’t the only man to create those types of homes on Sea Island either. Francis Abreu had a passion for Spanish Renaissance design elements as well. He was a first generation American and native New Yorker. His parents’ roots, on the other hand, trace back to Spain and Cuba. During the course of his lifetime, he helped create many beautiful homes for people of all socioeconomic statuses, including famous playwrights.

Barry Sugerman

Last on our architects short list for the day is Barry Sugerman. Like Abreu, he was a native New Yorker who later headed for the temperate climate of the south. He loved to create contemporary, custom homes and penned more than a few woods on the subject. One book that gives readers a good look at his thought process is simply titled, The Art of Renovation. His designs appear locally as well as in international locations, like Turkey and Honduras.

To learn more about these three architects and others that have influences the look of available Sea Island real estate, please at DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty.

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