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Sea Island, Georgia Real Estate: French Provincial Homes

Sea Island Georgia French Provincial Real EstateWhile it is true that the State of Georgia is a long way from France, it’s not uncommon for Sea Island, Georgia real estate to feature a Frenchman or woman’s touch. Just look at some of the homes with marsh frontage.

There are several that have been constructed in the French provincial style. One of our many favorites is a large, Johnny Shackelford home tucked away on West 20th Street. Created in 2002, it has everything French provincial fans have come to love about the timeless, architectural style.

For those that have never taken the time to tour Sea Island, Georgia real estate that’s just oozing with French detailing, please allow our agents to paint a picture for you. These types of formal homes are perfectly balanced and give rise to thoughts of French lords who ran their manors with tight fists.

Many of the residences are two-stories tall complete with Heaven-reaching hipped roofs, romantic balconies and shuttered, arched windows.

You’ll find shuttered windows and balconies at the Sea Island home we mentioned along with fireplaces, a balustrade porch, exposed ceiling beams and a manor style kitchen. It features a wooden island and handsome range hood complete with an ornate, inlaid backsplash. They are all elements commonly found in French provincial homes as well. The home’s outdoor living areas, on the other hand, take a slight departure from the norm.

They are perfectly manicured, like one would expect from a French provincial. However, they contain modern elements that would have made the French lords of the day quite envious. One of the most striking outdoor features in that regard is a negative edge pool. It really brings a touch of modernity to an otherwise traditional looking home.

To learn more about it and the other French inspired homes available for sale or rent on Sea Island Georgia, please contact DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty today.

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