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Sea Island, GA Real Estate: Did You Know Cotton Kings Helped the War Effort?

Sea Island real estate and cottonPreviously, we’ve talked briefly about Sea Island, GA real estate’s cotton plantations and what happened to St. Simons Island during the War of 1812. What we didn’t talk about is the role Sea Island cotton actually played in the U.S. Navy’s war efforts.

According to the National Park Service’s collection of paperwork, it was an important one whose roots stretch back to the late 1700s. That’s when cotton cultivation on the island began amidst the backdrop of the American Revolution.

Based on the NPS historians’ written accounts, overseas cotton was being used prior to that time to create duck fabric. The fabric was subsequently used to sew sea bags, clothing for the troops, ships’ sails and other military essentials. Well, when war broke out, our forefathers understandably lost a lot of their overseas connections and had to consequently create their own duck fabric industry. Perhaps surprisingly, Sea Island, Georgia, real estate owners were some of the very people that they came to rely on for the raw materials.

A handful of the early, Coastal Georgia real estate owners that likely contributed to the fledging cotton duck industry at that time were Francis Levett, James Hamilton, James Spalding, Thomas Butler King, Pierce Butler and John Couper. Each of them had successful, Sea Island cotton plantations in the 1800s. Their cotton, and that of other Sea Island, Georgia real estate owners, was among the finest in the country.

Long, strong and resistant to both fungus and bugs, it grew well in Sea Island’s subtropical climate for decades. Ironically enough, it also became a favorite import of our enemy and other countries after the war. The list of other countries includes, but isn’t limited to Germany and France.

To learn more about Sea Island, GA real estate and cotton and discover why people continue to use it in their Coastal Georgia homes to this day, please contact a DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty real estate agent.

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