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Sea Island, GA Real Estate is Home to an Important, Natural Event

Baby Turtles Making It's Way To The OceanCall it karma or just plain, perfect timing; it doesn’t matter as much as the news itself. Right around Mother’s Day, the first batch of 2014 loggerhead sea turtle nests made their appearance in the Golden Isles. At the time, wildlife biologists also issued a report on how many nests were found last year. Happily, the total well exceeded 2,200. That certainly had to have been music to conservation minded, Sea Island, GA real estate owners’ ears.

Sea Island, GA real estate has been attracting loggerhead sea turtles each May for decades. They come to deposit their eggs in our area’s pristine sands. According to the Sea Turtle Conservancy’s experts, it is not uncommon for each female loggerhead to create a half dozen nests and lay 756 eggs per season. We know that sounds like a lot of baby turtles, but it’s really not. Why?

Unfortunately for mama sea turtles, laying the eggs and actually having the hatchlings survive are two very different things. That’s part of the reason why the creatures remain on the world’s threatened species list. So what dangers do loggerhead sea turtles face during their seasonal visits to Sea Island, GA real estate? The most common are curious humans, predators and seafaring vessels.

The good news is Sea Island, GA real estate owners are very mindful of their impact on the island’s eco-system. Thus, many choose to join the yearly loggerhead sea turtle conservation efforts. The list of efforts taken to protect the island’s precious residents includes scheduling routine nesting patrols, issuing warnings to boaters and sending injured animals to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center in nearby Jekyll Island.

To learn more about becoming a Sea Island, GA real estate owner and helping preserve the world’s loggerhead turtle population, please contact one of our Sea Island, GA real estate agents are standing by and ready to help.

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