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Sea Island GA Real Estate: Ideal for Fans of the Famed Architect, William Jay

We’ve got a great, albeit tricky, question for you. When is Sea Island GA real estate like the City of Savannah?

Sea Island home Cottage 526The answer is rooted in architectural history and has loose ties to two people as well as Oglethorpe Square. Give up? Well, before you do, take a look at Sea Island home Cottage 526. The home looks like it was ripped from the pages of the beloved book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s because this 8,384 square foot home’s design was heavily influenced by Savannah’s historic homes.

Our Sea Island GA real estate agents liken it to one, Oglethorpe Square home in particular. You guessed it, the Owens Thomas house. That’s where our clue about the two people comes in.

The two people are the home’s owner and its architect. Their names were George Welshman Owens and William Jay, respectively.

However, he was known to stray beyond those two stereotypes when designing 19th century homes. As such, you’ll see his handiwork in British Regency architecture too, which is a large part of the Sea Island home we mentioned.

British Regency homes often boast wrought iron work, crescent lines, stucco facades and columned entrances. True to form, the Sea Island home’s exterior has all of that and more. Contained within the “more” is a bevy of Regency style, landscaping elements. Note the low shrubbery, ornate fence and stone planters near the front of the home. They are all highly reminiscent of this landscaping style.

To learn more about the similarities between this Sea Island home and ones designed by the famous William Jay, please contact us today.

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