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Sea Island Charter Fishing: Catching Kingfish

Sea Island Charter Fishing: Catching KingfishThere are so many pastimes to enjoy along the Georgia coast, and taking a charter fishing adventure is prime on the list. There are so many gorgeous types of fish that you can aim to catch in the region, and one of the most iconic is the kingfish.

Whether you’re chasing a great thrill, or looking for a trophy, here are a few things to keep in mind about charter fishing for kingfish in Sea Island.

The Right Guide Makes the Right Catch

Just like land goes through seasons, so do the creatures of the sea. Migrations, breeding habits, and changes in coastline influence where fish live and how they move throughout the ocean. An expert fishing charter will know all the hotspots for catching a kingfish, as well as the strategies, tackle, and seasons that make your fishing venture into a perfect storm.

Types of Tackle

There are two general types of tackle that you can consider in snagging your prize kingfish: spinning tackle and conventional tackle. Spinning tackle is exactly what it sounds like, and many prefer this type because of how easy it is to use. However, a more conventional tackle type partnered with a few choice techniques can make for a much more successful fishing adventure.

Bait and Lures

Baiting fish towards your line helps attract the prize you’re aiming to catch. Blue runner, goggle eye and white mullet all make great live baits. If you prefer frozen baits instead, ribbonfish, ballyhoo, mullet and squid all work quite well. Coordinating with your fishing charter will help you know what to prepare for, and what to expect, once you get out on the open seas.

Check out your local fishing charter in Sea Island to learn more about how you can snag a kingfish—or any other types of colorful, exciting seafood in the region! Charter fishing is just one of many relaxing pastimes that you get to look forward to when you vacation along this gorgeous coastline.

Contact us today if you are considering investing in Sea Island, GA real estate, and want to know more about the relaxing past times that the Georgia coast has to offer!

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