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Saint Simons Real Estate: Take A Historical Tour

Saint Simons Real Estate: Take A Historical Tour

One of the great things about purchasing real estate on Saint Simons Island is the fact that you get to experience the rich history and culture of the surrounding communities. Saint Simons Island has plenty of historical sites to explore, so if you can appreciate history and culture, you will love everything that Saint Simons Island has to offer.

Saint Simons Island has an incredibly rich history that will be sure to attract the attention of anyone. Many of the historical locations on Saint Simons Island have protected and properly maintained, and these sites are now available for the history fans to learn as much as they can about this area and the surrounding areas.

When you are browsing through the Saint Simons Island area, there are several historical sites that you will want to see for yourself:

Bloody Marsh

In 1742, the English and the Spanish came to face to face in what is now known as the Battle of the Bloody Marsh. This battle ended with the British winning and the Spanish eventually made a claim to Georgia. This historical site is located on Saint Simons Island off of Demere Road. The Bloody Marsh Historical Site is open 7 days a week, and it opens at 8:30AM and closed at 4PM.

Christ Church

Churchgoers have been participating in church services at Christ Church at Frederica. This church continues to be one of the most active churches in the state of Georgia. The church is also one of the oldest churches in Georgia.

Saint Simons Island Lighthouse

Saint Simons Island Lighthouse has been around since 1810, and it served as a navigation tool for those on Saint Simons Island. Unfortunately, the original lighthouse was destroyed in 1862, but a new lighthouse was built in 1872. The Saint Simons Lighthouse has now become a historical site, serving as a museum. As a visitor to the lighthouse, you will be able to walk up the steps to the lighthouse to experience the view of the other islands.

When you make the decision to purchase a home on Saint Simons Island, not only will you have a home you may have dreamed of, you will be able to view historical sites that will give you more insight to the beautiful island. For more information, contact us today.

Photo courtesy of Christ Church Frederica

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