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Saint Simons Real Estate: Public, Private & Online Schools

Saint Simons Education In a previous post, we talked about homeschooling options available to Saint Simons real estate owners. Today, we wanted to shift gears and look at the island’s public, private and online school options. Let’s start with a quick overview of the Glynn County District and go on from there.

There are 10 different elementary, four middle and two high schools located in the district as well as a half-dozen alternative venues (e.g. learning centers). Of those various options, a few are located on the island. The list includes Oglethorpe Point Elementary and St. Simons Elementary. Both are great schools and each one has its own Pre-Kindergarten program. There are also active PTA groups at each institution who make it a point to host events throughout the year.

Each year, public schools on Saint Simons participate in the Katz-Helen – Ray Whittle, Jr. Foundation’s Golden Rule Law of Life Character Award Program as well.  Saint Simons’ students that win the organization’s monthly and yearly awards receive valuable rewards. The list of rewards includes, but isn’t limited to savings bonds, gift certificates, award certificates and themed apparel. The district as a whole also participates in additional programs like Move on When Ready.

There are private schools on Saint Simons too. Among them are Saint Simons Christian School, Lords of Life Christian Montessori School and Frederica Academy. The Montessori school is geared towards Saint Simons’ children who are between the ages of 3 and 6 whereas the Christian school accepts Kindergarten through 8th Grade students. The academy, on the other hand, offers Pre-K through High School classes. Plus, there is an online component to the school that is geared towards high school students.

The academy, by far, is not the only online option available to Saint Simons real estate owners. The school district offers a fully accredited online option as well. It is called the Georgia Virtual School. The online school’s curriculum is excellent and most Saint Simons’ residents may attend classes for free.

To learn more about the various schools that accept Saint Simons residents, please contact a Saint Simons real estate agent at DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. They can share more information about the schools and homes that may be available for sale near each one.

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