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Saint Simons Real Estate: Perfect for Palm Trees Lovers

Saint Simons Real Estate Owners and Palm TreesMany people from out of the area who purchase Saint Simons real estate wonder if they can plant palm trees on their respective properties.

In fact, they can as long as they choose palms capable of living in U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Zone 9a (20F to 25F). In general, palms that fall into the zone must be classified as cold hardy.

Surprisingly, there are a number of palms that fall into the cold hardy category. A few that our Saint Simons real estate agents have encountered during the course of their work are listed below.

Just keep in mind that the list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Mexican Fan Palm
  • True Date Palm
  • Saw Palmetto Palm
  • Chinese Fan Palm
  • Queen Palm

Any of the palm trees we’ve mentioned above may be planted on Saint Simons properties as long as the weather allows. For the most part, the danger of frost must be over before putting root balls into the ground. Oftentimes, the soil on Saint Simons real estate may need to be amended too.

Although the soil on St. Simons Island can be very rich in spots, it also has a tendency to get compacted. So, there are times when property owners must break up the hard-pan and add drainage material to foster palm tree growth. That’s where the amendment process truly comes into play.

Our St. Simons real estate agents know a number of landscapers that routinely service the island’s properties. So, it is possible for new and existing land owners to contract with professionals and have the palms of their choice planted in newly amended soil. Interested buyer and sellers should approach our agents for more information on those landscape professionals.

To tour properties with mature trees or find Saint Simons real estate that’s perfect for new palms, please contact DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty.

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