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What was Saint Simons Real Estate Like in the Roaring 1920s?

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to own a piece of Saint Simons real estate in the Roaring 1920s? If so, you may want to set aside some “me time” from August 7th through the 28th. That’s when the Annual Chautauqua Lectures Series is scheduled to take place and the subject being discussed is 1920s life in the Golden Isles.

Golden Isles 1920sThe series is sponsored by the Coastal Georgia Historical Society and the four days worth of hour-long lectures will be taking place in the evenings at the A.W. Jones Heritage Center. Advance registration is necessary and will only set you back $75 per person.

Registration may be completed through the St. Simons Island Lighthouse.

What we love about this year’s series is all of the Saint Simons real estate history that’s expected to be covered over the course of four days. The guest speakers are slated to primarily talk about Charles Lindbergh, Howard Coffin, Calvin Coolidge and the USS Constitution.

They all have a strong connection to Saint Simons real estate and Coastal Georgia in general. For advance proof, just check out books like Stephen Doster’s Voices from St. Simons: Personal Narratives from an Island’s Past and R.E. Green’s St. Simons Island: A Summary of Its History from your local library or bookstore. Both contain mention of Coffin, Coolidge and Lindbergh.

In addition, the four mentioned subjects also open up broader aspects of Golden Isles history. For example, did you know that there is a link between Charles Lindbergh and another famous Golden Isles aviator? His name was Paul Redfern and like Amelia Earhart, a portion of his life is swathed in mystery.

If you feel so inclined, there is a story about the mystery surrounding the man published in the June/July 2011 issue of Garden & Gun. After reading it you may want to visit Redfern Village. It’s one piece of Saint Simons real estate that has been named in the lost aviator’s honor.

To learn more about Saint Simons real estate’s connection to notable figures in American history and how you can own a piece of history for yourself, please contact us at DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty today.

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