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Saint Simons Real Estate and Life in an Area That Attracts Tourists

Saint Simons Real EstateLiving Alongside Tourists

When people buy Saint Simons real estate, whether they’re getting a second home or a new first home, they will quickly learn what it’s like to live in an area that tends to be popular among tourists. It’s certainly a unique experience.

An Area Popular With Tourists and Residents 

For one thing, tourists and people interested in Saint Simons real estate will both be drawn to the area for similar reasons. It’s a breathtakingly gorgeous place with a great deal of biodiversity. There are plenty of cultural landmarks and popular outdoor activities. Saint Simons is certainly an interesting area historically. The people who actually live there will find it easier to enjoy all of these attractions for themselves.

There are lots of businesses in Saint Simons that will specifically support tourists, so they will tend to make a lot of money at certain points of the year only. When it comes to Saint Simons real estate, it has been estimated that around a quarter of the actual residences are owned by people who don’t live there all year.


Saint Simons has a relatively low population at 12,743, but during tourist seasons, the area will seem much more populated. Saint Simons is fairly diverse in terms of its age demographics, and the population tends to skew somewhat older. This is also common in areas like this, which tend to attract a lot of different individuals. However, areas that attract a lot of tourists are also popular among older people. Many people will specifically feel comfortable in communities like this, which certainly have their own unique character.

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