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Saint Simons Real Estate is Green: Want to Live Green in the New Year?

St Simons Farmers MarketUsually New Year’s resolutions involve assuaging the guilt of overindulging during the holidays by dieting, spending less money and spending more time with the family.

Many families devote the New Year to searching for a green home in an effort to live a greener life. Lots of folks don’t know where to start. While you’re searching for green Saint Simons real estate, might we suggest a few green New Year’s resolutions for your consideration?

Green Food

We don’t necessarily mean actual green food like broccoli or collards. Cut out at least three days of fast food drive-through.

Use those three days to serve fresh foods from the organic section of the grocery. Since Farmer’s Markets don’t operate this time of year, perhaps a local farmer growing organic fruits and veggies in a greenhouse could help. After all, St. Simons Island is listed as the 256th green city on Sperling’s Best Places to Live List.

Since cooking destroys most of the nutrients in fresh foods, use recipes that include fresh fruits and vegetables. Use extra virgin olive oil instead of soy or nut oils. Cut out as much processed foods as you can (what comes in bags, boxes and cans).

Green Cleaning

The Internet is full of articles regarding green cleaning products. Some folks simply can’t wrap their minds around cutting a lemon in half, mixing its juice with olive oil and polishing the hardwood floor with the mixture. Others can’t handle the smell of vinegar in cleaning preparations. A few drops of the essential oils of your choice will help.

Did you know that 3/4 cup of vinegar, 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol and about 30 drops of either lavender or tea tree essential oil makes a slammin’ cup of fabric softener? Add a cup of vinegar to a quart of water. Add to this about 30 drops of lemon essential oil and you have a glass cleaner that rocks.

Need a formula for dusting? In a small jar, mix one cup of olive oil (it doesn’t have to be the good stuff with which you cook), 1/2 cup of lemon juice and about 20 drops of either lemon or orange essential oil. Water damages woods, so using oils and lemon polishes beautifully wood furniture, picture frames, ceiling fan blades and anything else that needs dusting.

Recycle, St Simons!

The Center for a Sustainable Coast is located on St. Simons Island. The land and water is of paramount importance here.

When you buy St Simons house on the island, we’ve thought of a few other ways you can continue in your green living in the New Year:

  • Tired of throwing away four pounds of plastic bags every week? Some people separate their frozen foods into those plastic bags (saving on freezer baggies), while others use them as trash bags (saving on different sized trash liners). One idea for saving the environment from al that plastic is to reuse them at the grocery store, the department store and as doggie bags at restaurants. Keep a bag of bags in the car at all times, so when you stop somewhere, you’ll always have reusable bags at hand.
  • Most people have insulated cups for their morning coffee on the way to work. Another idea for cutting down on plastics in the environment is to keep a reusable cup in the car. Fill the cup to overflowing with ice. Now reach above the coffee dispensers to the hot water tap. Fill the cup with hot water. The ice will melt a little, but not enough to keep the water even lukewarm. Now you have cold water, and you didn’t have to buy yet another plastic bottle of water.
  • Some grocery stores have a hot bar in addition to a salad bar. Also keep in your car either plastic containers with dividers for meals or glass containers in which you can put anything. Hit the hot bar with one container and the salad or other cold bar with the other. No more Styrofoam in the environment with your name on it.

We have lots more tips for green living, but these should get started those of you with no idea where or how to begin. Feel free to contact us for more information on green St. Simons properties.

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