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Saint Simons Real Estate: Come & Commune with Bottle-Nose Dolphins

Saint Simons Real Estate: Come & Commune with Bottle-Nose Dolphins

Did you know that owning a piece of Saint Simons real estate is a great way to commune with bottle-nose dolphins? It’s true. The charming creatures have been visiting St. Simons Island’s waterways for centuries. A recent article about their connection to our state appeared in the August 2013 edition of Georgia Magazine. It was that piece, in part, that prompted us to spend a few moments this week talking about them.

bottlenose-dolphins in st simonsTo find Saint Simons Islands’ dolphins, you generally don’t have to look too far. They tend to frequent St. Simon Sound, the estuarine system and the Atlantic Ocean. Thus, Saint Simons real estate owners may encounter the creatures off of the Golden Isles’ public beaches or in their own backyards.

In addition, there are various tour companies, outdoor outfitters and guides in the area that offer dolphin excursions to the general public. Among them are Capt. Fendig, Captain Phillip, Captain Jeannie and Captain Jim. The guided dolphin tour options available on Saint Simons Island understandably vary based on the operator.

Some of the Saint Simons based companies use yachts, pontoon boats and remodeled Navy utility vessels. Other dolphin tour companies located in the Golden Isles opt to conduct their excursions with kayaks, canoes and jon boats. Therefore, it pays to look around before making a reservation.

When you do encounter a Saint Simons Island dolphin, be sure to keep safety in mind. After all, they are wild animals. So their behavior may be unpredictable. While you are observing the dolphins from a safe distance, make it a point to listen to their vocalizations too. Then for fun, try and guess which messages they are trying to convey.

For an up close and personal look at Saint Simons real estate located near the dolphins’ many habitats, contact us. We may be reached by calling (912) 638-0406 or (800) 837-0406.



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