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Saint Simons Real Estate: A Taste of the Vine, Ode to the Muscadine

GrapesAll of the recent talk about food festivals and wine tasting events got us thinking about muscadine grapes. They are just one of the many agricultural crops Saint Simons real estate owners opt to grow on their lands for personal consumption.

By all historical accounts, grapes have been growing wild on the island since the days of the Timucuans. Then, in the late 1800s, John Couper and his family chose to cultivate them at Cannon’s Point as did the Oglethorpes, who lived on Frederica Road at the time.

Why do muscadine grapes grow so well on patches of Saint Simons real estate?

For one, South Coastal Georgia has a lot of loose, well drained, sandy soil with pH levels in the right range. And the temperate, year round, sunny climate doesn’t hurt matters either. Furthermore, some of the varieties that thrive in our region are self-fertile. So there is no need to worry about attracting natural pollinators or trying one’s hand at complicated gardening tasks.

On average, they’ll tend to start yielding fruits for Saint Simons real estate owners within three to five years of taking root. The only thing to remember, besides finding the right spot, is that each vine will need a sturdy trellis that is ideally 25 feet long or more. Plus, by their very nature, mature muscadine vines have the ability to produce 40 pounds of fruit in a single harvest! So future St. Simons Island homeowners might want to brush up on thier canning and wine making skills too.

Those that have never sampled muscadine grapes from Coastal Georgia before may also be taken aback by just how sweet and juicy some of the 300+ cultivars are come harvest time. But long-time Saint Simons real estate owners and muscadine grape fans certainly won’t be surprised. That’s because they’ve likely tasted the grape in many different southern dishes or beverages over the course of their lifetimes. Examples include muscadine hull pies, fruit salads, juice, jams, muffins and homemade wines.

To find a place on St. Simons Island where you may plant your own muscadine grape vines, please DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. We can show you properties with enough fertile land available to plan one grape vine or several.

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