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The RSM Classic 2016 is Coming: Secure Sea Island Real Estate Rentals

The RSM Classic 2016 is Coming: Secure Sea Island Real Estate RentalsAs the RSM Classic 2016 draws near, real estate on Sea Island is on the minds of many sports fans.

Set to begin in mid November, the popular PGA Tour event is sure to send duffers swinging for the best rental properties around. So the smart thing to do is check out what’s available for rent near the Sea Island Golf Course now. Our agents may help golfers and their loved ones complete that task.

St. Simons Island is very close to the course. As a matter of fact, there is roughly only 2 miles that separate the two destinations. As such, some golfers may want to shy away from Sea Island real estate and opt to stay on Saint Simons instead.

Although traffic may occasionally build up during the golfing event, it is normally light. So traveling from one island to the next is generally no problem at all.

There are advantages to staying on St. Simons Island as opposed to Sea Island too. For instance, there is a large selection of homes for sale or rent.

Accordingly, people are more apt to find temporary lodging that suits their individual needs. Plus, St. Simons is home to a great many restaurants. One local favorite is the Mellow Mushroom. It’s less than 10 minutes away from the course and close to the fishing pier. The place serves some of the region’s best pizzas for under $20 bucks.

This is not to say that Sea Island real estate isn’t worth investigating. It most certainly has great value but is apt to go quickly in advance of the RSM Classic. Thus, sports fans that can’t secure a spot before on Sea Island before the PGA Tour arrives shouldn’t give up hope.

There are options nearby and our agents are willing to help. To review those options before November rolls around, please contact us directly.

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