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Real Estate on St Simons: a Great Destination for Nature Lovers

Real Estate on St Simons: a Great Destination for Nature Lovers

For people who love the great outdoors and all they can experience in it, real estate on St Simons is the perfect choice for a vacation rental or home. The coast of Georgia provides a unique setting to experience all different aspects of nature, which provide both peace and excitement to the vacation.

Find Wildlife on Georgia’s Coastline

real estate st simons for nature loversThe coast of Georgia is unique in that it holds 1/3 of the marshland along the entire Atlantic coast. While exploring the marshlands near St. Simon’s Island, visitors will be treated to a wide variety of birds that come to live in the old trees that provide a canopy for their habitat. It is not unusual to come across great blue herons or bald eagles, as well as close to 400 other species of birds.

If marine life appeals to you, St. Simon’s Island provides a special ecosystem that welcomes all kinds of creatures that love the water. Watch schools of dolphins playing in the water, or pelicans diving for their dinner. The waterways are full of a variety of fish, and at night, you might come across the now federally protected Loggerhead turtles wandering out on the sand to lay eggs.

Take advantage of some of the nature trails on the island and you may come across other wildlife such as deer, raccoons, opossums, and armadillos.

For a nature lover, investing in St. Simon real estate provides a unique experience because you will have the opportunity to see wildlife from the sea, marshlands, and forests all in one place.

If you’re ready to get back to nature and spending time observing some impressive wildlife in their natural habitat, contact us.


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