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Lighthouse Fans Enjoy Saint Simons Real Estate

There’s just something about a lighthouse that draws people in.  Maybe it’s because it rises majestically above the beaches and bluffs in a splash of color.  Or maybe people are fascinated by the true purpose of a lighthouse; that it provides hope in the form of a beacon on a dark stormy night.  Whatever the reason, many people are enthralled with lighthouses.  

Saint Simons Real Estate Owners Enjoy an Oceanfront Community

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People research different lighthouses, decorate their houses with them, and plan their vacation destinations around them.  If you’re a lighthouse buff, Saint Simons real estate provides a place where you can enjoy the object of your affection up close and personal.

One of only 5 remaining lighthouses along the Georgia coast, the St. Simons lighthouse remains accessible to the public.  The structure is 104 feet tall and recently underwent a renovation.  The lighthouse started guiding ships in 1811.  

There is a museum at the same location that will tell more of the history of the lighthouse along with tales of what life was like for a lighthouse keeper and his family.  The lighthouse became fully automated in 1954, and still shines out into the sea every night.

Other Saint Simons Real Estate Highlights

When you’ve had your fill of the lighthouse there are plenty of other things to do while enjoying your vacation home.  Take a ride on one of the bike trails, relax on a beach, or visit one of the parks on the island.  The island offers a wide variety of shopping options, and many restaurants to try as well.  

If lighthouses hold a special place in your heart, Saint  Simons real estate may be ideal for a lifestyle that embraces history and oceanfront activities.  Whether you’re looking for someplace to rent or buy, contact DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty today.  

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