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Kingfish Tournaments and St. Simons Island Real Estate for Sale Tempt Many

Kingfish Tournaments and St. Simons Island Real Estate for Sale Tempt Many

Southern kingfish tournaments and St. Simons Island real estate for sale are two of the things that consistently draw anglers from all over the world to Southeast Georgia. And being from the area, we can understand why sport fishing enthusiasts feel the need to park their fishing poles on Saint Simons and Sea Island soil.

Kingfish on St Simons Island

St. Simons Island is home to many different fishing tournaments.

One that many anglers may be familiar with is the Golden Isles Kingfish Classic. Sponsored by the now defunct, Southern Kingfish Association, it was held here for many years. Although the SKA is no more, fishing tournaments continue to take place on St. Simons Island. Many of those tournaments are often held at locations like Gascoigne Bluff Park and the Morningstar Marina. They are both located within driving distance of our DeLoach Sotherby’s International Realty office. The marina and park are accessible year round.

Of course anglers don’t need tournaments as an excuse for catching kingfish. The inshore bottomfish are found throughout St. Simons Island’s waters year round. Anglers should look for them in areas known to have grass beds, mud and sandy bottoms. As long as anglers keep within 30 feet or so of St. Simons Island’s beaches, kingfish may be caught in offshore waters as well. Advice on which types of baits are best for catching Southern Kingfish in St. Simons Island’s waters will vary based on which angler happens to be involved in the conversation. So the best that we can tell visitors is to try small shrimp, bait fish, crabs, polychaete worms and leeches.

We should also mention that plenty of St. Simons Island real estate gems are located near those great kingfishing hot spots. Plus, our sports-loving real estate agents would be happy to show them to people that may be in town for kingfish tournaments or a leisurely day of inshore/offshore fishing.

To learn more about St. Simons real estate for sale in the St Simons area, please contact us by calling DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty at (912) 638-0406.

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