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Jekyll Island Landmarks

Jekyll Island, St. Simons Island, or other Golden Isles real estate for sale.
Photo Courtesy of Anne McKinnell Photography

Jekyll Island is a marvelous place to explore and admire interesting historic landmarks. Here are just a few examples:

Goodyear Cottage

Built in 1906 as the winter home of Frank Henry Goodyear, the lumber baron, this white stucco cottage boasts seven rooms and a half bath on the first floor, five bedrooms and three baths on the second floor, and a third floor that originally had a servant’s room, a bath, and storage. Restored in 1974, the cottage is put to good use as a center for creative arts and a monthly display of exhibits by local and visiting artists. It is also the home of the Jekyll Island Pottery Guild and the Jekyll Island Arts Association.

Hollybourne Cottage

This vacation retreat was built in 1890 by Charles Stewart Maurice for his family of a wife and nine children when they made their annual pilgrimage to Jekyll Island. He was instrumental in constructing major landmarks and numerous road and railway bridges all across the country.

This unique dwelling was an early example of an eclectic Tudor style called Jacobethan or pseudo-Jacobean that was popular from 1890 until 1940. The home features patterned stone work, Flemish gables, unusually paired chimney flues, and more. It was amazingly constructed with a steel support system, a base of 19 brick piers located in the basement, and trusses that helped distribute the support and weight of the living room and dining room ceilings without having to use beams.

Today, the cottage is considered a diamond in the rough, and there are ongoing efforts to preserve the structure.

Faith Chapel

The building was constructed in 1904. The furnishings in this Chapel complement the architecture of the Gothic Revival period and recall the technique of medieval craftsmen with the trefoil cutouts and simple forms of the decorations contained in European Gothic cathedrals.

Visiting clergymen were of several different denominations including Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and others.

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