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If You Love Sea Turtles, You’ll Love Sea Island, Georgia

If You Love Sea Turtles, You’ll Love Sea Island, Georgia

Do you love animals- or, more specifically, sea turtles? Then Sea Island, Georgia, is your ideal destination!

About Loggerhead Sea Turtles

These turtles earn their namesake due to the shape and size of their heads: large and relatively bulky, allowing them to consume shell-protected prey by crushing the shell. Their diet typically consists of bottom-dwelling crustaceans, putting their tremendous jaws to work. Once fully grown at about 35 years of age, these southeast coast natives can reportedly grow to the size of 250 pounds! They have a biennial migration pattern, meaning they mate and nest every two to three years. This means that due to their less than frequent nesting patterns, Sea Island, Georgia, is the place to see this spectacular event!

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Migration & Nesting

Among the variety of things Sea Island, Georgia, has to offer is the migration of the loggerhead sea turtles! These sea turtles make their way to the shore of Sea Island during the middle of May and call the island their home until about October. During these months, the turtles nest on the shore, making the hatching of the newest generation a true spectacle! These gentle giants are diligently protected by the conservation services on the island, ensuring that the endangered species stays safe as tourists visit to experience the event. These turtles have long been negatively affected by the environment and hunters, creating the sacred and newly respected air around their migration and nesting patterns. The non-profit Sea Turtle Conservancy also offers visitors the ability to track the sea turtles, both their location and nesting status. They also offer the option to adopt a sea turtle after your visit!

Ideal Sea Island Turtle Locations

At Sea Island, The Cloister offers the best resort experience to see these magnificent sea turtles. Their private beach not only offers guests the ability to have a luxurious beach experience at their fingertips, but also an up close experience with the nesting loggerheads!

The Sea Island Beach Club also offers the island’s visitors the experience of exploring the beach to find nesting mothers and their young. There is also a Sea Turtle Education and Night Walk put on by the Sea Island Nature Center where guests can participate in combing the beach for female loggerheads in the evening, rather than at dawn. Details of these excursions can be found on their website with times, locations, and pricing.


Want to see these loggerhead sea turtles for yourself? Book your visit to Sea Island today or contact us with any questions!

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