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Explore Sections of Saint Simons’ Historic Real Estate for Free in February 2017

Explore Sections of Saint Simons Historic Real Estate for Free in February 2017
Original Saint Simons Lighthouse in 1848
Photograph courtesy National Archives

There are more than a handful of iconic structures dotting Saint Simons real estate.

However, perhaps none has inspired more romantic thoughts than the Saint Simons Lighthouse. It stands like a beautiful, old sentry over part of the island and come February 5th, people will be able to visit the top for free. The waived admission fee is part of a broader event known as Super Museum Sunday.

What the heck does Super Museum Sunday 2017 have to do with Saint Simons real estate? It’s simple.

Many places on the island are historically rich, tourist attractions. As such, there is normally a modest fee charged to view them. In the case of the lighthouse, the fee is typically less than $15 per person.

Accordingly, even those who miss out on free days shouldn’t expect to pay through the nose for a tour.

Super Museum Sunday, on the other hand, is a state-wide event deigned to increase interest in Georgia’s historical resources.

Therefore all participating locations, including the St. Simons Lighthouse, agree to drop their respective admission fees for one day in the hopes of enticing visitors. So anyone looking to save $12 bucks should plan on visiting the venue on the 5th, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Thrifty folks should be warned though. No matter the price, the climb to the top of the lighthouse is still tough on the tootsies and back. As such, our DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty Team encourages visitors to bring bottled water and dress for the climb. Subsequent tours of Saint Simons real estate may be arranged through our office.

Subsequent tours may extend to areas outside of St. Simons, including Sea Island. We can also help lighthouse and history lovers alike find homes available for rent throughout the tourist season. Contact us online today to learn more.

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