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Enjoy Nature with St Simons Island Real Estate Opportunities

Enjoy Nature with St Simons Island Real Estate Opportunities

For the nature lovers among us, St. Simons Island offers plentiful opportunities to engage with nature and enjoy the beautiful wildlife that makes their home there. Located just a few miles east of Brunswick, Georgia, St. Simons Island offers a variety of activities and fulfills a multitude of different lifestyles and interests.

Wake up one morning and feel like playing golf? Certainly an option. The next morning, you could find yourself birding or exploring the local estuaries and marshes. St. Simons Island has an exciting and complex ecological system worth checking out. For those interested in making St. Simons Island a home away from home or a permanent residence, the island is filled with fantastic real estate opportunities to pique your interest and provide everything you could possibly want.

Although Georgia has only about 90 miles of coastline, the Golden Isles are home to an incredibly diverse community of birds, marine life, trees, and plants. The marshes and tidal creeks nearby St. Simons and Jekyll Island are intricate ecosystems, filled with marsh rabbits, bald eagles, and great blue herons. Extensive marshes and estuaries provide breeding grounds for a multitude of species.

For those with a love of birding, St. Simons Island is an important layover for shorebirds that are in the process of migrating from South America and the Canadian Arctic. The Colonial Coast Birding Trail, a series of eighteen sites that have been selected as prime bird-watching locations, makes two stops on St. Simons Island—one on Gould’s Inlet and one on East Beach.

St. Simons is also home to Cannon’s Point Preserve, a 608-acre area of undeveloped land in the northeastern corner of the island. The Preserve is a perfect opportunity to explore all the nature that St. Simons has to offer—it includes a maritime forest, tidal creek, a salt marsh, and a shoreline along the river. It also features ancient shell middens and the remains of a plantation left over from the early 19th century. For the history buff and nature lover alike, visiting the Preserve is a perfect activity to enjoy all that St. Simons has to offer.

To learn more about St. Simons Island real estate options, DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty will help find the perfect residence to match your various interests. Contact us today to learn more.

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