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Choose St Simons Island Real Estate for Sale for Health and Wellness

St Simons Island Real Estate for Sale for Health and Wellness It has long been thought that sea-side air was detrimental to the lungs as well as pretty much the whole body.

We are very lucky, though, that studies are now being done that disproves this theory. In fact, studies show that health and wellness are vastly improved by ocean air.

The effects on the lungs, the psyche and the body are being documented right now, and the reports are quite inspiring. If homeowners in their present cities are suffering from asthma, allergies or COPD, then we have St Simons Island Real Estate for Sale that will benefit you with all the ocean air you’ll ever need!
The Research
The Lung Institute informs us of a study being conducted in Australia on surfers who suffered from cystic fibrosis. The study found after 48 weeks that the surfers’ lungs had cleared immensely, that they showed fewer flare-ups, and that they needed their medications less. The Lung Institute also reported the findings from a study done on lung disease sufferers.

The conclusion was that ocean air benefited these sufferers, too, to the tune of:

  • Not as much coughing
  • Increase in lung function
  • Thinner mucous
  • Reduced sinus pressure

Those homeowners with lung disorders would benefit, therefore, by living in a 3 bedroom house right on the ocean. The balcony of your new condo on 836 Parkway Street would be the perfect place to begin your health and wellness recuperation. With views of Jekyll Island and the Atlantic Ocean, the beauty and serenity of this property will greatly aid in your healing.
Healing Other Thing

There is a reason vitamins and minerals are healthy for us. Most people get their Vitamin D from exposure to the sun. This vitamin aids in keeping cancers and depression at bay.

How can anyone be depressed when they live in Yellow Jasmine Cottage in 22 Coast Cottage? A walk on the beach or a visit to one of two pools or a stroll on the boardwalk will get you all the sun you need to keep health problems far away.

In fact, stress is one of the major emotional illnesses we suffer in today’s society. How many times have you heard waves crashing onto the shore, birdsong or the wind gently stroking wind chimes on a relaxation CD? Why not listen to the real thing?

Many visitors come to St Simons Island for their vacation in the summer. The year-round residents enjoy a stress-less lifestyle surrounded by the sounds and sights of the most beautiful Nature on the planet.

For hundreds of years, people have been advised to enjoy the air at sea-side in order to heal myriad ailments. In fact, did you know that clear skin can be enjoyed while living on the ocean? It’s a fact. Not only that, when you live in 1205 Forest Street, you’ll be within walking distance of not only the King & Prince resort, but the ocean as well.

Ocean air and ocean water is good for healing wounds, soothing the mind and moods, pain reduction and clearing toxins from the body. With tip-top health and wellness assured, you will better enjoy the open floor plan with 3 beds and 5 baths.

There are so many assaults on our health that when we find a natural and healthy answer, we rejoice.

Come join us in our healthy lifestyle on St Simons Island, where we’ll find you the home of your dreams when you contact us to learn more.

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