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Why Is It Called The Golden Isles?

The name “Golden Isles” immediately makes one envision a sunny and delightful place to live or visit.

This area of Georgia’s coast stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico and lives up to its dreamy picture. Imagine a gorgeous sunrise over the ocean or basking in the beauty of the sun on the beautiful beach sands in a natural radiance.

Historically, this land came to be known in much of the world as the “Golden Islands” as the early explorers and Sir Robert Montgomery, a Scottish nobleman who sought the support of wealthy Londoners to establish a coastal colony in the area, told of glittering riches and treasures that existed here.

These Golden Isles are midway between Jacksonville, Florida, and Savannah, Georgia, with the city of Brunswick on the mainland and four gorgeous barrier islands: St. Simons Island, Little St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and Sea Island. Small islands called hammocks create an appearance of a continuous stretch of land that reaches out to the barrier islands.

The area’s natural beauty and its world-class golf courses and their facilities have given the Golden Isles a well-earned reputation as a paradise for golfers. Rivers filled with fish, birds, and other marine life flow around the islands on the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Historical attractions make guided tours interesting. See the tallest wooden structures in the world that had housed the Navy’s blimps, where the Germans came ashore during World War II, where hooded Franciscans and Dominicans built missions, and more.

Hear the songs, see the dances, and absorb the culture and heritage of those in the area. Experience the food and excellent architecture. Explore the haunted streets and hear the ghost stories and legends of moonlit nights and strange happenings that would occur.

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